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Full Version: HD HOMERUN
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First off, this forums offers great support for KODI. I am practically new to KODI/XBMC. I have being doing research on the HD HOMERUN. I want to be able to watch HDTV local channels on all my tvs without having to buy multiple antennas. Will the HD HOMERUN work? If not what will? Thank you in advance.
https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/ with license keys http://www.raspberrypi.com/license-keys/

hdhomerun extend will transcode : http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/

edit - would also consider having an ethernet run to all tv's or powerline adapters.
So just one hdhomerun extend will work. What about the prime?
prime is for cablecard channels and will only work with channels that are not DRM. I suggested the extend because it sounded like you were using an OTA antenna
yes, I am using an OTA antenna. Will I be limited to what I can watch at the same if I have 4 tvs with a fire stick?
you will have to read these two pages and decide for yourself



they each have 2 tuners so only 2 tv's can view at once if you have one hdhomerun
Thank you very much!
Also, depending upon your location, you may need multiple antennas. (I am in an area in the foothills, and these low mountains block most OTA signals; if I want OTA broadcasts I need either 2 unidirectional antennas, or one large powered multidirectional antenna—except that some local stations are noted on antennaweb.org that you should *not* use a powered antenna to receive those signals.)

So, if you require multiple antennas, you will need a separate device for each antenna. Check out antennaweb.org, as they will give you a detailed listing of what channels you can receive along with which types of antennas will be needed.

(Also, I believe both the Connect and Extend can work with unencrypted ClearQAM channels, which is what cable companies used to use for local broadcast channels. The law requiring those channels remain unencrypted was repealed, but some cable companies still leave those channels unencrypted, so that is another option.

The Extend is also in the middle of an update/upgrade. Amazon and NewEgg have the new Extend available on pre-order, with an estimated ship date of 31 Aug ... The new model is now passively cooled and no longer has a fan.)
If you purchase one of the SiliconDust tuners, you do get free 4 hours of guide data, which is very nice. However, at this time, only one device can access a tuner at one time, using their software.

Using tvheadend, and rpcameron can attest to, you can utilize the same tuner for different devices at the same time, if you are viewing or recording the same channel at the same time.

The HDHomeRun tuners are very versatile.