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Full Version: Kodi 17 VideoPlayer Inputstream
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I use a ftp server from home and stream my video files to my android tablet when i am travelling around the world, but it is not always very good network speed quality everywhere.
Will the new addon VideoPlayer InputStream be able to handle also incoming FTP streams?

I Use Filezilla FTP server from home and Kodi 17 on the Tablet, also use Dyndns.org.
Filezilla is not able to transfer files in HTTP.

My home server is based in Europe and Android tablet will be travelling in Asia, US or Africa.

Using FTP (file transfer protocol) for video streaming is not a good idea. I don't think we will implement anything in this direction.
Just use NFS or SMB as your media server.
(2016-08-09, 11:54)redglory Wrote: [ -> ]Just use NFS or SMB as your media server.

Thanks for reply

How do you suggest to set up the home server then?
With Kodi installed on the server and then stream to client over internet?
I have an htpc with win7 always on serving my files through nfs. Then every client connects to this server.

sent from my Nexus4
My server: Windows 10 Pro with Filezilla FTP- 100Mbps broadband

So what will be the best setup in my server in able to use the benefit of the new VideoPlayer InputStream and stream from my home server to everywhere in the world to my Client Tablet ?
Sometimes I only have access to 800kb network line on my tablet and then streaming HD movies in full scale is not good. But it can be possible if I will be able to reduce the incoming quality and bitrate of the movie on the Client Tablet.
I also have tried out Http streaming software eks:http://www.wftpserver.com/ on the server, but Kodi on my Android client do not show any files or folders with HTTP solution stream from server.

All suggestions will be of interest


Try with WebDAV. That's probably a better option for remote streaming. Or just use a Plex or Emby backend server with their respective Kodi add-ons.
Emby or subsonic.
Kodi is made for local network.

Https Webdav stream would be the best solution for me, but i have never made this option to work. Have tried all kind of Https media streaming softwares, but Kodi client will never work.
Kodi do not show any folders or sometimes never connect. Not the best solution, but FTP stream softwares (Filezilla) work perfect with Kodi, except not possible to reduce the stream bitrate or resolution.
Maybe Http, Https, Webdav connections option will be more developed and make it work in the future?
Emby, Plex, mediabrowser and simular is not an option for me, why? the new Kodi addon VideoPlayer Inputsream would do the same job if not even better? (If Webdav Https stream will work)