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Full Version: pc car kodi radio 7 navigation
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I have bought a pc machine for my car it runs kodi over windows 8.1
I installed the pc car skin and there is the two features of FM radio & navigation
how can I enable and use the FM radio? what is needed to listen to radio via kodi (a dongle of instant fm music ads is attached to the pc)
how the navigation works?
I tried to find some wikis but there aren't any...
thanks for answering

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My presumption is that you are running 'Skin MOD - CarPC-touch' 225688 (thread) which requires a touch screen and the installation of this custom skin. Most of your questions would be better handled in that thread, and it's assumed that you would have access to the settings menu to change input to touch.

Any FM radio functions would have to come from some sort of add-on that streams (check the official repository) or music you have in some sort of storage device. A brief look through that thread will turn up most of your answers.