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Full Version: How to Install Argus TV on Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Box - PLEASE
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Ok - well know I am totally bald!! I have ripped every last hair from my body so nothing else to tear out - so guys I need your help please.

I have a laptop - Windows 7
I have the Amazon Fire TV Box - latest edition
I have managed to load Kodi onto AMFTV - phew!

I have Argus TV loaded onto my laptop - but no channels showing - presumably it needs to link the AMFTV box - but how??

I am now stuck - how do I load Argus TV onto the Fire TV Box?

I can find the add-on in PVR Clients but I am obviously configuring incorrectly as I just cannot get it to work.

I am not a geek - I need my hand-holding all the way here please.


Can someone please talk me through ANY set up to enable watching and recording/schedule recording tv on the AMFTV Box.

I now sit here in great anticipation of some replies - checking out wigs on EBay.

By the way I am in UK
ArgusTV is only for dvb-t or dvb-s and only runs in windows.
If you have a tv card in your laptop you can configure it, and send the signal to any device with kodi installed.
Yeah you need to set up argus tv on the laptop to get tv via the laptop's tuner.