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Full Version: buffering and stuttering videos
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Hi, I tried several setting but hope anybodycan advise, I used Kodi 16+, now I am since 2 month's using 17+

Nvidia Shield Android TV, Plus Sony UHD TV.

problem is that since I switched to version 17 (tried all betas and alphas) all my movies on HDD are more or less buffering
while in the same configuration I didn't have this problems with Kodi 16+. I like 17+ and the new interface.

Question is how to solve this? Is it a matter of settings? Is this a common problem?



How are you serving the local media from your HDD?

don't quite understand what you mean, local media?

I only use my media privatly.

(2016-08-12, 16:43)Quadro Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks,

don't quite understand what you mean, local media?

I only use my media privatly.


"Serving local media"... that's what I mean, your own private media.. how are you serving it to KODI? SMB, NAS, NFS, etc.....
for some reason my last post dissapeared.

I am using external HDD's through USB3.0, my extra external memory is a SSD, also through USB 3.0, I have the Shield without the internal HDD.

In the meantime I continued testing, now the latest 17+ also refuses to play my 3D movies, for my SONY UHD, I have to switch the Shield to 1080P,
but after starting a 3D movie , Kodi forces the Shield to 4K, so no 3D anymore.

Than I removed Kodi 17+ the latest nightly, and installed version 16.1 , than my stuttering and buffering of my movies was dissapeared and my 3D worked also again.

So I wonder what is changed in the 17+ versions (I tried all), instead of improofments, I have only additional problems.

BTW I used the 17+ , because I like the new interface
Understood, so you are only getting this problem in 17.1 correct? If that's the case, share a debug log when it exhibits the problem and maybe the devs can find out what's causing it and work on a fix in case its a global issue and not a single user related issue.
Why kodi 17.0 don't support "Screen Syncronisation" and passtrough like kodi 16.0?

if a audioformat linke acc or mp3 has no passtrough so it bildschirm syncro works and no "Ruckler" in the NFL GP.
@WHamilton Not trying to be rude, but what does your question have to do with the OPs original question? You should start a new thread with your question, unless it relates to the OPs. Thanks.