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Full Version: Nebula 5.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton
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Nebula 5.x - Krypton

Here is the home page of the skin on GitHub:


Please make sure you are using the latest version of the script.skinshortcuts addon.
You can grab it here: https://github.com/BigNoid/script.skinsh...master.zip

If you like this skin and you want to help a little bit, you can donate here:

I'm thinking of doing my Nebula build on Krypton... Instead of starting from scratch, Could I just copy xml's from my existing build and paste onto the Nebula Krypton version?
Will my build still work?
Nebula 5.0.0 is out!


I installed skin but I don't get disc art when I go to different views..thanks
You need to enable disc/cd art in skin settimgs and use the Artwork downloader addon to get disc art.

Thanks tgx that's what I didn't do was enable cd Art in akin settings, but I did use artwork downloader as movies are coming from my library..thanks
Hey TGX, great skin! Is there a way to enable custom intro video?? See the setting for startup image, but wont allow video? Tried editing the settings.xml with the path for the video, but wont work that way. Can you tell me how to add the option myself? Thanks!

**Edit, found it by changing to video startup type, duh. Awesome skin!
So is there a next episodes widget somewhere? Dont see one available.
**Oops found it, default widgets.
Can an indicator or checkmark be added for the Auto update option in addons? Currently theres no way to tell if its enabled or not:

Yes. Added for the next version.

Beautiful skin, cheers!
I was using nebula for a long time until kodi krypton release. I cannot use it anymore because of a problem with subtitles window. The problem is that the file manager window to select a local subtitle it just doesn't open, so you cannot select a local subtitle. Selecting the "search for subtitle" option seems that trying to do something and navigation freezes for some seconds but nothing happens. I switched to default skin because of this and now, I tried again nebula but the problem still remains. I have kodi updated in latest version 17.3.1(I think) and I tried with empty .kodi folder(I'm using arch linux) also.
Is there any way to fix this manually(until the release of a fixed version)? Nebula is the only skin with big fonts and I want to keep using it.
This bug has already been fixed, but the fixed version is only on Github at the moment:



I'm going to download it now.
When are you updating the version which can be downloaded through the Nvidia Shield's Kodi player?

It is 5.0, but it still has the subtitle bug Sad
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