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Full Version: Alpha 3 - incompatible theme.
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I have installed: KODI 17 (Krypton) Alpha 3.
I had installed Skin Confluence ZEITGEIST 3.0.42.
Today I tried to run automatic update to the new version: 3.0.45.
Unsuccessfully. Not updated and blocks the system.
When I restart the KODI, I have the default theme "Estuary".
Again download this file "repository.axbmcuser-1.1.3.zip".
I reinstalled the repository. And I tried again to install the Skin.
The file "XBMCSWIFT2" has the 4.2.01 version.
I reinstalled again the KODI 16.1.
So I installed the ZEITGEIST CONFLUENCE version 2.8.85 and is working.
I cleaned everything, "% APPDATA% \ kodi \ addons \ skin.aczg" and folder "xbmc.gui".
I reinstalled again the KODI 17.
I note que the "AXBMCUSER REPO have version 1.1.3.
The Confluence Zeitgeist has the 3.0.45 version.
However, When choose this theme, the KODI blocks immediately. And does not apply the chosen theme.
It is very complicated.
Thanks and hugs.
Attach a full debug log and use a newer KODI 17 version - as proposed in other thread.

Would be nice if you rename the thread to something more specific. It would be bad if people are looking for the Skin in this thread.

"Can't select alternative skin in KODI 17" would be more suitable as topic.
Hi "axbmcuser".
Thank you for your attention and your help.
I followed their instructions and installed the latest beta:
Then I reinstalled the "xbmcuser REPO" 1.1.3.
After I installed the theme "Confluence Zeitgeist" 3.0.45, successfully and without error.

The problem is KODI 17 Alpha 3 which is incompatible.

Best regards and hugs.
Great to hear that you could solve the problem. KODI 17 had many changes within the last weeks, so alpha 3 can be considered very old. The downloaded version from today is something like a "beta 2" and should work for a good while. If you have no problems, maybe you keep that version for some time.