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Full Version: Can not create or import new movie sets
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As the title suggests i can't create new movies sets in Kodi 16.1 running on windows 10 all meta date is created via Media center master

If i do create one it doesn't appear in the list of current sets

Help Obi Kodi... You're my only hope
After you use your media manager to create sets - by editing the .nfo files - you need to refresh the films inside kodi. The .nfo's are only read by kodi when something is scanned to the library.

Unless I've misunderstood what you're doing.
Have enabled that just done a complete movie fresh, just waiting for all of them to load in
Group movie into sets must also be enabled in settings>video>library
Forgot about that, it's been in my advsettings for so many years.
Turns out i had to enable sets with only one movie to make my custom sets, thanks all