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Full Version: Single album cover for mutiple videos of the same title
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I am using Amber skin on Kodi 16 Jarvis.

I have Video songs from movies. Most of the time I have music videos from same artist or album.

I had added the video source in the Movie section and selected movie scrapper.

After compilation all the music video songs show up as different movies with same cover album picture.

how should I combine all the music vidoes under one title album ?

hope I had made it clear and not confused.

Below is the screenshot.


watch gallery

Maybe the "movie scrapper" recycled all your videos.

Next time, try using a movie SCRAPER.

(Sorry, but it really bugs me when people misuse those words. They mean entirely different things!).
Sorry if I had confused.

I have Music videos of ABBA with different songs.

In the library all of them show up as different albums. Is it not possible to combine all the music videos under one album of ABBA /

Hope it is more clear now.