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Full Version: First missing movie (Themoviedb)
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I have my first "unsuccesful" movie meta download, out of MANY movies.
ALL other movies have scraped perfectly. This one I have to do manual.

Not a problem at all.. I just really wonder, why it wont succeed.
I have tried Kodi (Themoviedb) and Emby (themoviedb)
In Kodi, the movie doesn't appear at all. In Emby, it finds the movie, and downloads the cover. But no other info.

The movie is :

The Invention Of Lying

I have named folder and file : The Invention Of Lying
And I have a .nfo file with imdb link, and now also themoviedb link.
Still nothing.

Just curious, what's so special about the movie.

Best regards.
A debug log (wiki) might help.
"I have named folder and file : The Invention Of Lying"

Have you tried: "The Invention of Lying (2009)" ?
On the IMDB I see: Also Known As: This Side of the Truth See with a link-> Also Known As (AKA) to dozens of other titles it goes by in other countries USA (working title) is This Side of the Truth. The scraper might be picking up on an International title, or without the date, just plain confused, or the working title was used instead of the release title.
I don't know, what was the problem.
But now it works.

Both Kodi and Emby can scrape fine now Smile

Maybe a small bug with themoviedb, although other movies scraped perfectly that day.
Sometimes tmdb gets overloaded.