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Full Version: [split] CarPC-touch
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This isn't mine, but a mod done by a user who goes by Duro/idorel77.






This works really well on my iPhone. It's not 100% perfect, but it's very usable. This would be a great base for a phone skin. Here's the player controls:

OK, I'll bite. I'm sure I should know this by inheriting the knowledge from our common genetic ancestor's shared hereditary genetically encoded memory or some such, but.pardon my ignorance...

Given the above, how does one go about actually utilizing it? Go to the top link given and then click Download from that page? Then what? Install it like a repo from the zip? Or unzip it and place it where? Not quite like it just pops up in the skins list in KODI when you click "get more" so it can just be selected...

I'd experiment, but frankly the rest of my phone's interface makes me less likely to play around on it for extended periods as well -and I'd rather not screw around too much on my daily driver.
Go to the github link and on the right hand side it should have a "download zip" button that will zip up the most recent version. You can then use that zip file using Kodi and the "install from zip" option in the add-on manager.

It's as easy as any other skin to switch to, or switch back to a previous skin if you decide you don't like CarPC-touch. Just go into Settings -> Appearance -> Skin and you can switch between installed skins.
Thanks! Guess I had it mostly correct then with my "Install it like a repo from the zip" guess, but I was afraid that was only for repos and add-ons... which I guess a skin probably qualifies as... Doh.
Really nice skin. Converted it to army green for my 7 inch touch screen in my army chest music box. Laugh
I Must say, I would really love to have a full break down of all hardware needed for this and an up to date "how To" guide. this looks like amazing fun to work out and play with.
Definitely could be a nice base for a mobile phone theme.
+1 Looks nice (except for the odd BMW logo in the center). Hope this will become available from within kodi so that a simple setup process is possible.
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