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Full Version: Adding single files to library?
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Kodi Jarvis, Win 10.

Directory: Videos-> Files->ALL (it wants me to name it somehow, "videos" inside "videos" sounds kinda stupid, so I named it ALL).
Folders inside the ALL:
-> Misc (things that don't belong to Movies or Shows).

In the "Movies" there are few "Collections" like Shrek, Resident Evil etc.
I "Set Content" to the entire folder "Movies", to make them show in the Library.
Then later added several single files that don't belong to any Collection.

Now, how in the world can I add those single movies to Library? There is no "Set Content" for a single video. The feature "Scan for New Content" (for the entire "Movies" folder) doesn't do anything. The feature "Change Content" (for the entire "Movies" folder) will process those added files, but it will also process the entire "Movies" folder, replacing all the customized posters and Fanart with whatever it wants.

Alright, I created a new folder for each added movie, named it exactly like this single movie, put the movie file in there, and then "Set Content" for each individual movie "jacket". Seems like a lot of pain to do every time after you've downloaded a movie for watching later and not sure whether you'll keep it. Definitely not enjoyable with a crippled tiny keyboard of a typical remote, not to mention on-screen keyboard.

But wait, there is more.

Some movies in the Collections refuse to "Set Content" - they remain single files or nondescript blue icons of DVD rips with no movie info attached. No Content = movie isn't added to Library.

I don't care about posters - single files are displayed with a movie snapshot that is same informative as a poster. Just don't know why I need a Library with some movies missing. Might as well use the File mode - the only drawback is that the parent folder "Movies" opens with generic blue folder icons - for both Collections and single movies in individual folder jackets. If I were to use Kodi in Files view only, the question is - why do I need Kodi at all. In Win Explorer I can attach picture to folder icon, and for a Collection I open it, for a single movie I right-click Play with VLC.

This is my first library, maybe there is something I'm missing here? Smile
Your method seems unnecessarily complicated. What works for me:

1. Put all my movies in a folder called "Movies". Each movie is in it's own folder. Movie folders have the same name as the movie file within. The "each movie in it's own folder" arrangement is not necessary, but simplifies (for me) file management.
2. Add the folder called "Movies" to my library, choosing "Movies" under "Set Content" dropdown menu.
3. Scrape and profit.

For TV shows, the same process, substitute "TV" for "Movie"

Whenever I add a new movie or TV show (or TV show episode) I update the library, it re-scrapes, new content is scraped and shows up.
If you do the above and films aren't added to your library it's almost certainly because the scraper doesn't recognize them - because you've not named them correctly.
Can you give an example (file name) of something that's not been added to the library?

It should be as simple as:
- make sure stuff's named correctly
-stick it in the Movies folder
-scan for new content.

The only folder you need to set content for is the top one (Movies).
I also stick films in separate folders with the same name, because I have artwork etc in those folders - it's not needed though. If you have films in subfolders (eg Movies > Shrek > Shrek 1) make sure you've checked the scan recursively box.