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Full Version: Streaming to smart tv
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I have set up the uPnP inside Kodi from the settings menu and initially once i selected the video source and started the wireless stream then select the Sony tv instead of the default dvd player it would reload wireless stream and play fine. Now even though i have changed nothing it will not stream to the smart tv even though it is still on the device list to stream to. The tv has DLNA and works just fine wireless streaming from other sources such as Vuze. I am at a loss as to why it quit as I have changed nothing. Is there a document or such that I could be referred to that might help source the problem? I am using Jarvis.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Maybe the file you are trying to send is not compatible with what your TV can play over dlna .
I was streaming Game of Thrones and as i said it was working. Then after season 3 it stopped and i am choosing the same source and tried others as well as different series and movies.