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Full Version: Any free way to play Blu-Ray in KODI?
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Looking for a way to play Blu-Rays in KODI without paying for a solution. (although I don't know why no apps seem to support Blu-ray unless there paid)
Breaching the DMCA doesn't come cheap.

However take a look here, although makemkv does cost too. 173474 (thread)
Don't know where you live (legal or not). Where I live this is completely legal (we may take copy for OWN use/ backup, but movie/music industry is also allowed to make it us difficult to make that copy (use copy protections)).

Use redfox anydvd (3 weeks free trail, then you need to buy it (you buy the blu-ray disc, pay for this, MUCH easier than some free (in money, probably not in time) solution)) or DVDfab (both are windows programs) to rip the disc to hd.

Play in Kodi.

Support for menu's etc is not good, but you can play with a standard Kodi a blu-ray iso (Kodi will ask for the playlist, usually the biggest is the one you want).

I am developing an addon to get a better bluray experience (still some hurdles to go), see my sig (bluray iso utils)...
Frankly you're better to rip your blurays with makemkv.
(2016-08-19, 12:31)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Frankly you're better to rip your blurays with makemkv.

You are right, because atm Kodi has no good support for blu-ray iso's/BDMV folders.

I hope so solve this with my addon, but need some core 'help' to get it perfect (player.strmpath & player.strmfilename InfoLabels or just 1 player.strmFileNameAndPath).

My dream with this addon is to rip to iso's, and then integrate this with the addon as if all bluray-playlists are .mkv's.
All metadata is shown as if it's a .mkv, and all extra's would be available (with the VideoExtras addon).
I'm even thinking about a scraper to get these isofiles then in the Kodi library...
Scrapers already work with isos.
(2016-08-19, 12:54)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Scrapers already work with isos.

I don't mean fanart, covers, etc...

I would like that this scraper links:
800.mpls to the movie,
801.mpls to the extended version of the movie,
20.mpls to deleted scenes,
21.mpls to making of docu
22.mpls to interview with the cast.
And correctly get chapters times and discriptions

And this for movies and tv-shows. I know how to do it, but at the moment the base addon is not like I want it.
either you can't:
start from the homewindow (recently added..., last played..., ...) (the listitems.infolabels don't get filled there)
runtime en streaminfo is not correctly displayed in the skin (used info from the dummy video instead of the bluray playlist).

I need a player.strmFileNameAndPath infolabel to solve this...