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Full Version: Timer recording, select DVR Profile
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EPG-based recording is very accessible as of Kodi 16 - Jarvis. There is still one thing missing though (or perhaps it is me missing its existence) that is required for being able to fully integrate recordings into the Kodi library. That is the ability to select which TVH DVR Profile to use.

Since Kodi scrapes media as either TV Shows or Movies, it is necessary to keep recordings in folders that Kodi can handle appropriately, depending on their type. I do this by using different DVR Profiles in TVH and assigning the appropriate recording folder to each profile. But when creating timers from Kodi, only the default profile is used, so I can only record either TV Shows (series recording) or Movies. Thus, currently, I have to do all my recording from the TVH WebUI. If this is not already planned as a feature for the next release, please add it soon!

P. S.: Yes, you are correct, Sports, News and others pose problems of their own, but with this feature and a good TVH post_processing script, they too could be handled.
Since you are already using post-record scripts, you could just use one to move/symlink your recordings based upon their title or other information.
That is what I am currently doing, but it is clumsy and incomplete. This suggestion would improve the situation by allowing TVH to place recordings according to type, where Kodi can then handle them appropriately without the need for moving/linking. Post processing could then focus on things like commercial skipping and writing nfo files for un-scrapeable content.
I know that recording profiles is much more than recording folders, but if what you need is just the right recording folder... Well, you know that you can specify the recording folder to use when creating an epg based timer rule? The respective input field is at the very bottom of the timer settings dialog. You need to scroll down to see it.
Of course specifying the recording folder overrides the Create folder per ... settings, so every recording would require a specific folder to be set.

To be clear, my intention with this request is not to solve problems that I cannot solve otherwise, but rather to improve the usability of the product by providing access to more back-end functionality.
I also hope that this will be implemented sometimes.

Of course you could specfiy the folder but as you said, a profile is much more than that. (E.g. i'm using one for explicit live tv with a huge pre- and post-recording padding).

This should be also a feature for a single record not just timers aka. auto-recording.

Thanks, ManOki
This feature would help me, too.
Thanks, JJ