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Full Version: Missing covers on Movies shelf
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I am using MyMovies to manage my collection and have it exporting meta data for XBMC to create the .nfo files. I have the option turned on to have it create the folder.jpg thumbnail.

I am using Kodi 16 on two different Fire TV and both have the same exact problem.

My problem is that some of the covers are missing when viewing the home screen / shelf (I have my shelf set up for recently added and random). I've regenerated the .nfo files numerous times, cleared the files numerous times, removed the Thumbnails and Textures13.db numerous times.

When I do actually go into the Movies section, all of the covers are there -- browsing by genre, etc. are all good. It's just that some are missing on the home / shelf page. I'm wondering if it has something to do with them being Blu Ray movies? DVD's appear just fine with very few exceptions, but my HD movies are fairly consistent in not showing the cover on the shelf / home screen.

Any thoughts on what I should look at / for to try and determine the problem?

I'm having the same problem.
The problem is with Universal Movie Scraper...it also lags gpu, that you'll have to restart kodi, for if to function normal again.
(2016-08-20, 06:29)Dzrte4gle Wrote: [ -> ]The problem is with Universal Movie Scraper...it also lags gpu, that you'll have to restart kodi, for if to function normal again.

Two different FireTV have the same problem, and they have both been rebooted several times. I've went so far as to remove all of the content folders, clear the contents, shell to the FireTV and remove the Thumbnails folder and Textures13.db file, re-added the content folders -- with the same results -- missing covers and it's mostly for Blu Rays.
And yet none of you supply a debug log (wiki)
(2016-08-20, 08:37)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]And yet none of you supply a debug log (wiki)

Good point Smile
Log file uploaded to pastebin.com. Link: http://pastebin.com/download/0750ux8A

line 914 is when I press the button on my remote that would bring the Movie shelf into view, and line 915 looks like the line that would be trying to do something to see if it can pull in the cover art, however, there's no file name listed. Lines 907-912 show similar messages trying to get Folder.jpg for the items on the music shelf and those fail because I don't have any covers for those yet, however, the movies do have files.

The first movie that should appear on the shelf is the new Batman v Superman. The contents of its movie folder are:

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.jpg
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.mkv
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.nfo

Movie playback works. Getting movie details when the movie is playing works and I see all the artwork, and when navigating through all of the various Movie menus, such as via Genres or doing searches, all show the cover art as expected. The problem seems to be isolated to just he movie shelf on the home page, and predominately with BluRay movies.
So, here's an interesting bit of info... I am using the Amber skin. I just switched back to the Confluence skin and the covers appear as expected. When I switch back to Amber, the covers are missing on the home shelf again.
After digging into this more, I do not believe it is a skin issue -- at least not directly. I think it may be related to the a widget the skin uses (service.skin.widgets) to get the recent movies, which I think in turn gets the details from the xbmc.gui library (or something to that effect).

Line 225 from default.py in service.skin.widgets:

self.WINDOW.setProperty("%s.%d.Art(poster)" % (request, count), art.get('poster',''))

I believe it's the call to art.get('poster','') that is failing.

If I create a poster.jpg file in the folder and remove the video source (folders) and then re-add the folders as a source, the covers show up on the shelf.

Odd that this seems to only happen with BluRay movies and not DVDs.
I'm not sure all the problems in this thread are the same, and in general seem to fail on a few steps. First the covers are now called poster.jpg not folder.jpg (about 4 Kodi generations past, they used to be called folder) although there is some legacy support Artwork (wiki) library exports will look something like "Starwars-poster.jpg" in the folder of the movie as noted in the wiki. When you add meta-data from a 3rd party handler that places the material in the folder with the movie, it still needs to be scraped into the library and should there be any missing data, a Kodi scrape with selected scraper will take place (given that information one wonders why you would use a 3rd party manager in the first place?)

The best way to specifically ensure your choices of a 3rd party handler, is check the folder and ensure you have all the components needed and named as the wiki specifies, then using the source scraper change it to 'local information only', scrape.

How all this works is part skin, part scraper and part Kodi... it's just parts, question is what part is the issue.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice-poster.jpg
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.mkv
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.nfo
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice-fanart.jpg

I note: the .xml files, and in my experience these .xml files have been known to cause hiccups.
Sounds like a skin issue or some kind of bad cached image or something. It sounds like the scrape was fine.