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Full Version: HEVC 10 bit FF & REW very jerky
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When playing H.265/HEVC 1080p 10-bit videos, there is no problem at all. But when FF / REW is used, especially X8 and faster, it's quite jerky and skips ahead / back in chunks. This problem only seems to affect HEVC encoded videos. I have 2 identical Intel 3rd gen i5 NUC's running OpenELEC.

I also notice the NUC's fan kicks in high speed as soon as FF or REW is selected. It must really be taxing the CPU or GPU.

Is this normal or is there a setting in KODI which may help ?

Thanks in advance
All those are CPU decoded, producing really high CPU load even in normal playback, when you start seeking it stresses the hardware even more. I'd say it's normal.
I experimented with the same HEVC videos using a 4th generation i5 Dell Desktop running Kodi with almost the same results. Play is very smooth but FF & REW are very choppy. I would have thought an i5 desktop with much better specs would handle these files with ease.
HEVC decoding is hard, really hard on CPU. Try a 12 core I7, you must have a ton of ponies to do what you want. Better to use long jumps to seek to where you want.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a combination of 10 & 30 second jumps to pass the video's intro but it still hiccups during the jumps (on my Dell i5 Desktop). I don't end up where I'm supposed to. It looks like I'll avoid these H.265/HEVC videos until there is a solution.
Sounds like something is broke in code. Generally sw decode & seeks should be perfect.
After some research, it looks like Kaby Lake should be the first Intel CPU to have HW decoding of 10-bit HEVC. This will be available in the Intel NUC's early in 2017 according to a few reports.
Update: The 8-bit versions of the exact same HEVC files produce much better (not perfect) results when using FF & REW.