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Full Version: A little help. How to lower Home Menu strip so it sits on the bottom of the screen.
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Loving the skin.

It runs great on our Amazon FireTV, 3 FireTV sticks and my main droid box a Zidoo X6 Pro. All connect to our home media server with mySQL keeping 4 profiles up to date.

With the help of the forum I have created sub menus to the Home Menu strip and had them link to some of my smart playlists.

To fiish off my build I would like to move the horizontal Home Menu strip down a bit further so it sits on the bottom.

I need help to edit Includes_Horizontal_Home.xml

I would also like to move the Library Info counters for both Movies and TV Shows to the top left of the screen so they don't clash when the Home Menu strip is lowered.

But I have no idea where to start, can someone please point me in the right direction.