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Full Version: Bookmark Shortcut
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Is it possible to set a shortcut for creating a bookmark on a video?
Is it possible to set another shortcut for"go to next bookmark"?
This could safe a lot of time
An older message but may still work for you.

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Bookmarks and chapters (wiki)
Thanks this looks good for setting the mark.
Now any ideas for the "go to the next mark" button?
The next mark chapter used to work, but seems to be depreciated, you might put that into a request with feature suggestions.
A problem of "bookmarks" is they are only accessible when the video is playing (via bookmark dialog window). "Chapters" I think are better (and I guess in Krypton will auto-generate a frame grab when scanned to library) but there's no way I know of to create a chapter, except with 3rd party file metadata editors.

TV Shows also have the option of "episode bookmark" which does sort of look like a chapter, though I'm not sure there is a way to "skip next" on these.

scott s.
How can i load a movie like a tv show?
Make a custom .nfo for it. Custom video entries (wiki) and keep it out the TV sources.