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Full Version: Movie Database Scraper goes on constantly
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Kodi novice here Sad I tried to get Kodi to search my movie library each time I turn it on. Instead I did something where it now searches constantly. In the top right it keeps saying "scanning for new content using Movie database. Also when I look for my movies it now shows tons of duplicates Sad
I have tried everything I know...[/size]please help Sad Is there a way to fix this?

Check some of the wiki's in my signature, some might cast a bit of light on your issue. When you get duplicates, it's usually your media source has more than one path, and the system dutifully re-scrapes your entire collection (hence the duplicates). Kodi will scrape every video file, and assign each with some meta-data, and if you keep trailers, they will look the same as the movie unless explicitly told not to in your advanced settings file. I would suggest a clean fresh install, and save the 'update library on start-up' until you're a bit more familiar with the programs operation. You can always trigger an update manually in the video file mode 'left slider', there's also a 'stop scanning' function in the same menu. If you're using and external drive, windows has a nasty habit of switching drive letters, which screws up the path, so you might have to manually set the drive letter to way down the alphabet.

You can check your 'sources' for windows in C:\Users\Lboone4662\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\sources.xml or using the kodi interface, files>context menu.