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Full Version: Recorded TV not showing closed captions
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Is it possible to have KODI show the closed captions embedded in recorded TV files?

I record TV shows outside of KODI using unrelated software and a modified satellite STB (Nextcom R5000 HD). This results in .ts files which KODI happily plays without issue, observing commercial cuts outlined in the associated .edl files created by Comskip.

If the recording is something I want to keep I use VideoRedo to permanently hack out the commercials and then use Handbrake to encode to X.264 .mp4 files. During this process Handbrake recognizes the closed captioning in the .ts file and includes this information in the .mp4. KODI plays these files fine and I can toggle CC on/off with the subtitles switch.

However, sometimes a recording is something I just want to watch and discard and obviously there is no point in encoding as KODI can just play the raw .ts file... however I have yet to find a way for the CC to be displayed in this usage.

Any idea where I might find information to make this work?