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Full Version: Pointing Kodi DS player to existing madvr
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I'm doing a kind of experiment where I would like to try to use kodi along side Jriver. I am thinking I can use Jriver for library management, and possibly the audio engine, and Kodi as a kind of front end. I have used Kodi before in the past, and I have Jriver setup as my DLNA sever, while I use the UPNP feature of Kodi to read my Jriver library. This part works fine so far but I have not dug too far into it. My problem right now is that I don't want to install two versions of madvr on the same machine because I don't know if this would confuse the computer, or cause it to act up. I have madvr on the machine, and I use it in jriver all of the time but when I don't even get to choose my video renderer for Kodi ds player. How can I point Kodi to my existing madvr installation. Madvr is installed directly on my C drive, and doesn't even have its own folder.
Solved it. I had to rerun madvr's .bat install