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Full Version: HEVC 10bit Kodi
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im actually running kodi v16 on Arch Linux x86_64 with an Nvidia GTX 950. I have an I5 3330 CPU and im not able to play HEVC 10bit Videos without stuttering. Is there a way to play it smooth with a nvidia GPU? What i understand ist that VDPAU doenst support 10bit. Is there maybe another way?


Proprietary drivers?
yes the latest nvidia driver

edit: 4k (8bit) in x264 is no problem
10-bit HEVC is being software decoded. I noticed this with GTX 1060 on the latest @Milhouse LibreELEC build #0824
There is no VDPAU 10 bit decoding support on linux as of now. Nowhere.

Your vdpauinfo will most likely also tell that there is no support. Until ffmpeg gets 10 bit vdpau decoding support -> kodi also won't have it.
okay. So it looks like that it will took (long?) time until vdpau can decode it? I read in the nvidia forum that it looks like this feature will not included in vdpau soon Sad And the I5 3330 is not strong enough
We will get VAAPI hevc-10 bit the very moment Apollo Lake hw hits the street. It's already implemented in the drivers and ready to go after our friends of ffmpeg make an implementation. Don't count on nvidia.
<fritsch_mode>What? No hevc 10bits on linux before Kodi 18, at least? Pfff... </fritsch_mode>

Sorry, couldn't resist Smile
I read the above post.

For a detailled readup on Android alternatives, have a look at:

especially the second is nice to see current user problems.
So is this still currently a problem? I recently purchased a GTX 1050 and would like to run a linux distro instead of Windows 10. .
Nvidia does currently not care at all about their VDPAU implementation. So yes, this is still a problem.
(2016-11-21, 21:27)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Nvidia does currently not care at all about their VDPAU implementation. So yes, this is still a problem.

So basically future proofing my HTPC for 4k with NVIDIA is useless at this point if I want to use linux.

Edit: Will Kaby lake have support for HEVC main10?
No VDPAU implementation but perhaps CVUID (see http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel...03171.html )

I don't know if this could help with kodi
Decoding is only one part. Rendering with OpenGL another...
I am just trying to figure out if I should return my GTX 1050 and go with a Kaby Lake CPU/AMD GPU or stick it out until support arrives. I mean for now I can use Windows 10 and don't mind waiting for support, but I also don't want to wait a year either.
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