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Full Version: KODI - Bass management 5.1
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Hey everybody,

I am looking for an Addon that allows me to configure some bass management for my 5.1 surround system.

My configuration:
Brand new Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi
Connected to a Creative Sounblaster omni surround 5.1 via USB
From there 3 Chinch/aux cables go to my Teufel Concept E Magnum (5.1 with integrated DAC/amplifier)

If I just plug in the one cable for the front L/R speakers it is all good as the Subwoofer does the low pass filtering and gives my bassssss Smile
Once I plugin all 3 cables to use some surround my Subwoofer remains quiet. As far as I understood it needs same bass management / crossover frequency so the external sound cards sends all sounds below e.g. 120Hz to the it using its own channel. On windows this can be done in the driver. I am completely new to Raspberry/Kodi but I can imagine there might be some kind of addon that provides this function? Or anybody got another idea?