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Full Version: Display UK age certification
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I always use Fanart view for movies, but I cannot figure out how to display UK age certification in this view. If I use defaults in the scraper setting I can see MPAA certs (including logo), I then select Universal scraper and set country to gb for certification, but the cert NEVER shows when I view my Movies in Fanart or other views although the info (eg UK:18) shows up when I select Movie Information. I'm just looking for a quick way to display age certification when flicking through titles.

As a comparison the UK age certification logo shows in Transparency! skin, but I'd prefer to use Confluence Smile
If you're interested, i'm happy to create and add uk certs graphics to my modernized (but 1:1 clean and feature identical) Confluence skin (all views including fanart are included)
HINT: Be sure to enable all views in the skin settings by disabling this option (! Hide some view types for simplicity (Disable to see all Confluence view types)):


At the moment us and de certs are supported. Just let me know if i should become active...


I just created the graphics and added support for for UK BBFC age ratings

A Confluence ZEITGEIST for KODI 16 (Jarvis)
2.8.90 (2016-08-29)
- Added graphics and support for UK BBFC age ratings
- Other minor improvements

Have fun - feedback welcome
@axbmcuser thanks so much for this, works great in my limited testing Smile. I need to re-scrape my entire library to test fully. Not sure why this isn't incorporated into the default skin, I guess I was also reaching out to the official skin developers as I am so used to just using the default skin. I will put this through the spouse/kids test later to see if it meets approval Wink

Thanks again.
Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback!
I pushed another update of the skin an hour ago or so (should be received via standard auto-update). Did some small additional visual and code-fixes you might not even notice. Should be all good now with UK age ratings. If you are missing anything, let me know.

Since Confluence is "dead" and not part of KODI 17+ anymore, you won't find such improvements in the original skin. It's only maintained as an old legacy skin.
My intention is to keep "A Confluence ZEITGEIST" as a modern complete Confluence replacement for KODI 17+ without removing functionality or bloating it.

You are using the KODI 16 version of "A Confluence ZEITGEIST". There already is a KODI 17 version - so, if you want to keep it, you can be safe that when you upgrade to KODI 17 later on / in the future, you just can keep using it and you won't have to wait until it's compatible with KODI 17.