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Full Version: Washed out blacks
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Hi all, new here to these forums ?
when I try to play a bluray movie via Kodi, when the playback starts the black levels change as though the movie is using the limited range, washed out blacks, but the setting is not checked.

Never had this issue before with Kodi, and it doesnt do it in any other player i tried, i also tried around 5 different movies all with the same result.

All is well when navigating menus etc, it just changes as soon as the playback starts.

Any ideas ?


I would say it comes from a GPU driver/settings issue (I think I already heard of this with AMD GPU but I could be wrong)

Go to Kodi settings to change render method to software and disable DXVA2

Report back
Hi, thanks for the advice.

I disabled dxva and set to software, the issue remains, still washed out blacks, they look more grey than anything
I found the issue, setting Kodi to match refresh rate was causing it, so Kodi was setting my display to 23hz, i just bought a 4K SUHD Samsung TV so not sure why when the refresh is changed by Kodi it seems that it is setting the output to 16-225 limited ?

I just set sync playback to display and the issue is resolved, not sure what the difference is between the 2 settings ?

what is your hardware? if you use an amd gpu you have to set the pixelformat for each refreshrate. it seems at the moment there are different pixelformat for 23 and 50/60 hz. you can change this within driver settings
Hi, i use a gtx 970 4gb, not sure how to change settings for this ?

Go to Nvidia control panel/Adjust video color settings/Advanced, sellect With the nvidia settings, set 16-235, apply, then sellect With the video player settings again and apply.