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Full Version: Raspberry Pi build with Kodi + HD Homerun
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I just bought an HD Homerun for our new house so I can get OTA TV for live sports, news etc.
We currently have Kodi 16.1 setup on various laptops running W7 and from what I understand the setup with Kodi + Homerun is a snap and works well.

We have a separate suite that we're probably going to Airbnb so I want to get that setup with Homerun as well, though I will not be networking in our Kodi library for obvious reasons. Basically I just want this suite setup with internet access so they can stream Netflix or Amazon and also use Homerun for live TV. Initially I had an old laptop I was going to use but it died so rather than buy a used one, I thought of doing a Raspberry Pi setup. A quick search of these forums shows people have done it so I'll cut right to the point and just ask (sorry, no time, and in a hurry so I'm taking the lazy way out)

Can you please point me to a Raspberry Pi package on Amazon that worked well for you and was easy to setup? I did a quick search and there are dozens of options with different cases and peripherals etc etc. I don't care what it looks like, I want something affordable that will just plug and play that I can get setup in under an hour. I've never done a Raspberry Pi setup before but I'm pretty well versed with Kodi and computer shit in general. Thanks a ton for the help guys, much obliged!
Netflix won't work well on an rpi. Better off trying to find a nexus player or getting a shield. Also keep in mind unless you want to have your network open the hdhomerun will not work on a guest subnet without some additional tinkering.