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Full Version: Auto Change Displayrate and refreshrate to Movie Output
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I'm wondering if there is away of setting kodi on either Android or Linux, pi or Odroid to switch the output to match the playing media. I don't want to have to change the desktop res every time i play a movie.
so pal dvd 576/50 ntsc 480/60 bluray 1080p 23.97

The Lad
Kodi -> Settings -> Videos -> Playback -> Adjust display refresh rate to match video

Make sure to change the settings level to advanced to see this.
Yep, this option works great and the results look amazing!
(2016-09-06, 11:39)fireaza Wrote: [ -> ]Yep, this option works great and the results look amazing!

i agree ... as long as your Hardware/Firmware supports it.

doesn't work too well on Android though ... (i've got a cheap Mini M8S II Amlogic S905X Android Box ... Auto switching does not work)

But, thank goodness i also own a Raspberry Pi 3 ... (which Auto Frame/Refresh/Display Rate works perfectly) Big Grin
I had done that and it and it didn't work.
But then i changed the desktop res on my odroid kodi from 1080i to 576 and i got anything above or equal. Changed it to 720p and now everything below gets upscaled to 720 50/60hz and 1080p plays at 1080p quite pleased.
The only problem i can see is that kodi works on refresh not resolution unlike players like dune hd and popcorn hour, and i have some avis that are 23.976 but are far from 1080 but due to the refresh rate play at 1080p. Not sure how that can be fixed,if at all. But seeing as my odroid board cost me £40 and kodi is free and my dune HD was £300 i'm not complaining.
Does the raspberry chnage to resolution as well as refresh? can the 3 play 23..976?
Yes, Yes. Since many years in perfect sync.
so just to confirm the 3 is better than the odroid for syncing to resolution and not just refresh?