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Full Version: combination with other PVR client
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I just installed the FilmON PVR client, and noticed it does not play well with my NextPVR client.

When NextPVR is enabled, I only see the channels provided by NextPVR; the FilmOn PVR client pops up saying that the login was successful, but it does not start loading channels.
When I disable the NextPVR client, the FilmOn PVR logs in and loads the channels; they show up in the channel list and work

Re-enabling the NextPVR client brings it back to the situation where the FilmOn channels do not appear.

Is there a way of using both PVR clients at the same time?
(I'm not sure the problem is with the FilmOn PVR client, but as that one seems to have the biggest symptom, I post it here)



PS: I may not be able to reply fast in the next few weeks.
Just a quick comment to say the the issue does not present itself on Krypton.

So as far as I'm concerned, this is solved. Smile