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Full Version: Gdrive home screen shortcut & default folder issue
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Hi all, apologies if this has been asked and answered already but I can't find anything after searching ( I'm not Google though soaybe a chair keyboard issue)...

Anyway, having installed the add-on and successfully connected to my Google drive I decided to add shortcuts to the home menu under Videos, Music & Pictures but when ever I access the add-on this way it defaults to "Videos - gdrive" and subsequently doesn't find any music when I navigate to the music folder in my Google drive as it's in the wrong context.

If I access the add-on via the home screen /music / add-ons / gdrive it works in the right context.

Also, is there a way of setting a default folder from the home screen icon so when I click music / gdrive I go directly to the music folder instead of having to navigate the folder structure?

(This is the second for Pictures also?)

Again, apologies if I'm being a numpty..


(deleted) What is 'the add-on'
Gdrive by ddurdle. I thought I'd actually posted in that forum but obviously not, doh!
You will get better addon support in the music addons forum.
Ok, thanks Dave.
Is this not in the Music Add-ons forum then? Seems to be from the tabs at the top...
It is now as it's been moved by a mod.
Brilliant, thanks guys, great suppport