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Full Version: Delete Eunique Skin
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I am having a real problem, as I downloaded and installed Eunique Skin onto Kodi on my smartphone (not on laptop or pc, so no mouse, just finger tapping).

I find this skin unusable, and want to get back to the default skins and - if I can - delete this one.

I cannot find any options to get the "appearance / Skins" screen up on this Eunique Skin, it just takes me round in cirlces..

Can somebody help please, this is driving me crazy.

EDIT: I am now stuck in the music menu, it keep flicking , it has a list on buttons, Music, Pictures, programs, settings and Power
(The MUSIC Button is highlighted in blue). I cannot even get out of this now. I want to go into the (Kodi) Appearance menu and instal another Skin, but I am just in a loop with this Eunique Skin now, and not getting anywhere at all!!!


Blunt method: Use your OSes file manager to delete the directory skin.eunique.
Where do i find skin.eunique? I have got the same problem..

Hope some1 can help..
in your addons directory.