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Full Version: Workaround for scraping from STB
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I have a Humax DVB-S STB which I have SMB access to. I've been trying a few methods to integrate the recordings this box makes into my Kodi library but am having some odd results. I was hoping someone on here would be able to help.

The STB makes .ts recordings (which are playable in Kodi) using the following conventions.


where "XXXX" seems to be some kind of index number used by the STB.

I have written a shell script which parses the file name and date into a corresponding .nfo file for each episode.

An example:

Danger Mouse/Danger Mouse_20151006_0725.nfo
Danger Mouse/Danger Mouse_20151006_0725.ts

.nfo file contents:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>Danger Mouse_20151006</title>
    <showtitle>Danger Mouse</showtitle>

However, TheTVDB scraper seems to ignore the season / episode tags contained in the .nfo file, and scans the file to the library according to the filename. Confusingly, using the above example, Kodi scans a single file in to the library twice:

Season 7 > Episode 25 (with correct episode title tag)
Season 201510 > Episode 06 (with correct episode title tag)

I am using TheTVDB scraper because it seems to be able to fetch the TV show metadata ok from the folder name. Using purely the .nfo scraper (with a generated tvshow.nfo file in the folder) yields no scanned episodes into my library.

If someone could spot a fault in something that I'm doing, or even suggest a better method then I'd be very grateful. I'm simply looking for a very rudimentary way of scanning these recordings into Kodi, so the usual fully-featured metadata is not really necessary - I had investigated renaming files so that TheTVDB scraper would index using air dates, but it was a whole can of worms!
If anyone is interested in this, I have come up with a solution and posted here:

2410151 (post)