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Full Version: HDMI Lost after open video
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Hello, in Kodi I have one problem after try to open video, he opens without problem but the problem is to switch to the video.
Appears this error "None Cable is detected or connected" If I go to behind the my box and take the HDMI out and insert HDMI again, the video starts working without any problem.

The problem is I select the video and after Kodi loading video, the image disappears and on the screen appears "No HDMI or Cable connected please try connect your cable" but is connected and working..
The HDMI Cable is working without any problem, is new and works, but have change some configs on box about HD Quality and reproduction (1080p, 4K.. 720p) that is starting do that.
No debug log (wiki) , no issue
do you have several screen ? an hdmi splitter ?

try configure output video to Windowsed mode and see what's happen ?

Perhaps a problem of frequency ? 50 ? 60 ? 100 hz ?