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Full Version: Central MySql Database 'Movie' Removed
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Hello all,

I made a noob mistake and instead of making it worth I rather ask.

I have MySql installed on my network hard drive to share the library between three Kodi. Anyway last night I tried to play some video from my father camcorder and therefore place the file into my Movie folder to play them using Kodi. Once done I removed the files and want to clean the database from Kodi. An error show Movie file unavailable .... would you like to remove. I thoughts it was taking about the Camcorder file and pressed yes.

My Movies are still on the NAS - but unavailable on Kodi - tried to change the folder/file name and to add a source again. However as it is the shared MySql database, I rather asked before making it worth than it is.

Any idea? Many many thanks
Right, so I drop the database and re-added the source.

Just a shame that I lost the viewed items.. Hey we learn from our mistakes.Tongue