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Full Version: Issue with videos that insert external videos during playback
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Hi guys,
This might be a bit of an obscure problem, but are any you familiar with videos that insert external videos into the video you're watching? Basically, some anime fansub groups, instead of including the opening and closing themes in each episode, will instead have them once as separate videos. All you need to do is have the videos in the same folder, and when you play the episode, the opening and closing themes will be automatically and seamlessly inserted where they're suppose to go. This saves a lot of space!

I've just now noticed my install of Kodi isn't doing this. This is a new Kodi install on a nvidia Shield, but I'm pretty sure it was working fine when I had Kodi installed on a Windows-based HTPC. So this could either be:
A) A compatibility issue with the Android TV version of Kodi
B) Some issue with my settings
C) Some issue with the SPMC branch of Kodi for Android TV (which is the actual version of Kodi I'm using)

If it helps, I've also noticed that I can't seem to get chapter skipping to work properly on this new Kodi install. But that might just be that I can't work out which button on the Shield remote is the "next chapter" button!
As far as I can remember, Kodi/XBMC hasn't supported this feature. I know it has long been requested, though.
Huh, I'm sure I'd seen it working on my old HTPC install of Kodi... But then again, I was using a branch version that used a different player, so maybe that's why...
DSPlayer? I think that supported the feature.
Yes! That's what it was called! Hmmm, there's not a way of changing the player Kodi uses without starting fork project is there?
The external player (wiki) feature should still work.
If I'm not mistaken, that feature simply loads an external player and minimizes Kodi doesn't it? I'm on Android, so that's probably not an option...
Oooh! From what I can see, this script makes Kodi download an external player from a server? That does indeed solve the issue of not simply being able to download and install MPC on Android! Is the player downloaded locally to Kodi or does it need to access the internet every time you play a video? Also, the "DSPlayer" that the Kodi fork I mentioned, it wouldn't happen to stand for "DaroonPlayer" would it?
(2016-09-09, 12:00)fireaza Wrote: [ -> ]Also, the "DSPlayer" that the Kodi fork I mentioned, it wouldn't happen to stand for "DaroonPlayer" would it?

PMFJI, But I believe DSPlayer is so-named due to the use of a MS Windows DirectShow player/renderer, which can make use of DirectShow filters (which is the reason for its existence). (DirectShow being a replacement for Video for Windows.)

scott s.
Damn. Hmm, any idea which external player supports video embedding?