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Full Version: Issue with library loosing content
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Hi -

I've been using Kodi for about 2 years now (I'm on 16.1), and loving it! I have a few folders full of films that following the guides I've added to the Kodi Library. This has worked floorlessly until recently. About 2 months ago it suddenly only started showing about 5 out of to 40. I have tried the following:

- Cleared down the cache.
- Cleared down the library
- Set Content to None and rescan.
- Clear Library from Settings
- Reset content and rescan.

It always just shows the same movies. There is no consistency with the file format or naming. Also all the films were being showed up in the library, at one point so I doubt it's to do with the format or naming convention.

I have tried other scrapers with no luck.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and knows of a solution?
I'm not sure if something has got corrupted - I don't want to uninstall and re-install (delete everything) as I have a few custom plugins which I probably can't remember how I coded them now!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Check if you have Hide Watched enabled.
Ok, now I feel like a right idiot!

Sorry for wasting your time.... but thanks for sorting it out for me!!!!!

I believe lots of us have been there at some point Wink