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Full Version: Audio drops for a second every two seconds
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This problem has bamboozled me. I run Kodi 16.1 on a Windows 10 tablet over HDMI to a TV, and it has been working brilliantly for months.

Recently - and for no reason I can discern - audio on any video (local or remote) drops out for a second every few seconds. At times it is accompanied by a slowing down of video playback.

This has happened a few times - the first time it randomly sorted itself out, and stayed fixed for weeks. The second time I messed around with settings and it seemed to fix it eventually (after several days trying), and that worked for a week or so.

This time nothing seems to work. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi, uninstalled video and audio drivers, and nothing makes a difference. The problem with Kodi has actually worsened, as previously if I unplugged the HDMI cable and ran Kodi on the tablet itself, the audio would work properly, but now even that unsatisfactory fix only works intermittently.

There is no sound problem on any other program - Youtube, iPlayer etc work with flawless audio, both on the tablet and over HDMI. As I have already completely uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi, I'm not sure what else I can possibly try. The frustrating thing is it was working perfectly just last night. I have another, identical tablet, and Kodi continues to work fine on that, even with the same HDMI cable.

Any suggestions?
Just uninstalled 16.1 again, and tried installing the Krypton beta - no change at all.
I have a similar problem, was working great for weeks/months and now a slight drop out of audio on files which used to play (and sound) fine. W10 did a recent upgrade to all my machines, this could have changed your settings. This is the only thing I can think of.

This am, I noticed audio settings switched from HDMI to SPDIF, I switched back and this may have solved the problem. Won't know for sure until tonight when I can test it out. I tried one file, but did not have enough time to test before work. No idea why I'd even get sound with SPDIF, since I have no optical cable connected, but whatever...W10!

The setting is Settings=>System=>Audio try changing the Audio output device to either Directsound or whatever setting Kodi is detecting.

I've already tried fiddling with the audio output setting - I think I must've tried every variation, to no avail..

No suggestions at all? Am I really going to have to reinstall Windows (the only option apparently open to me) just to get KODI to maybe start working like it was yesterday evening? I understood Kodi would occasionally be buggy but an OS reinstall just to get it to work is crazy!
Log file from fresh install of Krypton beta: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23149305

There are no add-ons installed (apart from the log file uploader), and the log file only shows me starting Kodi and playing an AVI file from the tablet's internal storage.
I switched the audio around to HDMI, made little difference. Only now the audio drops out every 10mins instead of every sec. I'm now going to try the WASPI settings. I'm pretty sure it's not Kodi doing this, more of a W10/Receiver issue IMO. Since both were recently upgraded.

WASPI setting worked great. Watched several episodes last night without a single audio drop out.
I am having the same issue only after upgrading to 16.1 from a 15.x version. As per the suggestions, I tried all the audio outputs: same problem every time.

Running W10, second monitor outputting Kodi from my main PC via HDMI cable to a TV in another room.
This is a pretty serious issue: it has made everything unwatchable. I changed every single setting in audio output, reset it to default, checked all my drivers, and nothing. Going to upgrade to 17. Hoping that it helps. News to follow.

Update: VLC plays content through HDMI with no issue.

Update: reverted to 15.2. No problems.
i had this problem on kodi 16 upgrade to kodi17 no problems so far