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Full Version: new not lazy but stumped!!
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I got kodi up and running but learning to navagate around has been ...well you know!..not sure if im in right place but i have only 2 add-ons and a third that is a puzzle piece and its got "GET MORE under it........how can i get it backHuhi also have livestream but cant activate and ******** works great. think i need to get the GET MORE back
Please take time to familiar yourself with banned add-ons that will not get support here.
my apologies....is the get more ok to post ....i will see if i can edit out per your info....thanks for heads up. I have double checked and GET MORE is stuck in MY add-ons
GET MORE is the shortcut to the Add-on Settings where you can get more add-ons.
well i got livestream which is a kodi addon and it wants user name and PW but i never had option to do so now cant get it out to try something else.......thanks for your info and i take it that it doesnt matter if its in the box of "MY ADD-ONS with a puzzle piece!....i only have 3!!! some genius i must be!!!....sorry to waste your time kindly helping me i get stuck and its like i have done this and it not working time after time!........it says enabled and all but i dont know what user name and pw they wantHuhTHANKS IN ADVANCE from this embarrassed newbie
Im basically looking for live streaming tv and DONT WANT TO GO OUT OF BOUNDS WITH MY NAMES OR QUESTIONS HERE......im a good polite person and by no means do i want to do anything wrong......my message box is open if need be
Video add-ons are best handled in settings>addons>install from repository>Kodi add-on repository>video add-ons but as noted the 'get more' icon will take you to this area quickly as a short cut.

Think you may have to register on the web site you want to view to be able to use it. Here's the support forums for Livestreams http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=230355 and the wiki Add-on:Livestream (wiki)

Livestream, formerly known as Mogulus, is a live streaming video platform that allows users to view and broadcast video content using a camera and a computer through the internet
thank you very much....Once i get something i got it. Im totally disabled so i have alot of time but frustration comes easy.....like i cant figure out how to close a window if im adding on or trying.I very much want to be a good member and if you can bear with me for a bit i will have it much better. so even though i have "get more" in my addons box it will still operate sameHuh?
seems to....but am very new to the streaming stuff ......If i go to all add ons does that mean i can use any one or whats the line in the sand......i used a name earlier and deleted upon learning i wont get help with that......i just joined and have been schooling in the google world which we know takes alot of sorting out the trash.....Thank you once again all help im very grateful for and hope to pay forward when im schooled....looks like i got some looking to do
You may also benefit from reading this blog. Given what you mentioned originally you should be aware of the potential pitfalls and problems if you use illegal sources, and if you do then you'll be on your own with any consequences of issues that arise for you, your device or your network as we offer no support here for such contaminated systems.
Quote:......If i go to all add ons does that mean i can use any one or whats the line in the sand.....
Anything in the official repository is quite legitimate and will be supported in some regard in this forum (some of the older add-ons might need support issues, or not be fully operational within some countries, but in general are maintained). So grab them all, if you deem them useful! You will also find add-ons in the forums that are under construction, and often you'll find direct zip links to try them out, these are not yet fully vetted, and some quite beta, support will have to come from the author.

The line in the sand is Official:Forum rules/Banned add-ons (wiki) It's pretty hard to keep a current list of banned add-ons, so you'll have to use best judgment, but if an add-on offers for free a service that you would normally pay for, it's probably a banned add-on.
Put simply if an add-on provides TV shows, channels or movies for free that you would normally need to pay for (or that are obviously not legally available online, such as movies still in theatres) then you can consider them as banned add-ons (wiki).

Also any repo that contains even one banned add-on (regardless of what else it may contain) is also banned.