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Full Version: ERROR: Exception caught on main loop. Exiting [solved]
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Hi all,

This is my first post regarding a problem, so please bear with me if I miss out any key information.

Kodi 16.1 release version
Windows 10 Home
AMD Sempron 140 CPU (2.7 GHz, 64 bit)
8 Gb memory

I've added two MKV files to my video library directory. To get them recognised in the library, I then go to Video --> Files and right click on the file I want to add. When I select Movie Information, Kodi crashes with the error "ERROR: Exception caught on main loop. Exiting". The error occurs for both files.

Here is a link to my log on Pastebin:


Thanks in advance for any help. Please let me know if more detail is required.

Hi again,

Taking a clue from something I saw in the log, I disabled the FilmAffinity scraper. Problem solved.