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Full Version: EPG PVR IPTV Simpe Client
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SInce some days ago, I am trying to write one epg compatble with the file m3u I am using. Actually I have one EPG file working from one pay service, but I don't want use it, because is too big, so I want download this xml file, delete the data I don't need and after use the XML file.
To delete the data I use one machine linux and the command sed. When I finish to fix the file and I try to use it with my Kodi is not working. I checked the file with one XML validator and everything is fine. Checking the file with one windows editor I saw some difference, the original file is UTF8 without BOM and is windows format, mine after I edit is UTF8 with BOM and Linux format. Also if I fix this condition and fix the file is not working, I can see the file is downloaded, decmpress, Kodi read it, but the data are not available.

Can someone help me? What's the rigt format of the file XML I need use?