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Full Version: How to setting Passthrough Dolby TrueHD.Atmos Audio
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I just installed kodi yesterday. It works great. Beautiful interface.

I did try Passthrough Dolby, AC3, DTS, DTS-HD . My Avr Onkyo 646 recieve the raw code and decode perfectly.

But Dolby Atmos cannot passthrough. The AVR still show PCM on display.

How do I setting Passthrough Dolby TrueHD.Atmos Audio?
As long as TrueHD is enabled we should passthrough Atmos.
You don't say what hardware you have, what version of kodi, or really anything useful in terms of debugging.

You don't mention setting passthrough for TrueHD, but once you do, Atmos should work.
i also just recently got an onkyo 646 and had to get the settings right for the Dolby Atmos and/or DTS:X light to show up when those movies embedded with it were playing. I'm currently running Isengard and all of movies are ripped in MKV format. I currently have a 5.1 setup running on windows 7. For both these two options to both work i had to go into the onkyo setup menu and under speakers set it to 5.1.2 or higher and of course set the passthrough option to direct on the onkyo. I think i also had to adjust the settings in the Windows Sound configuration to match before all came up correctly with the new lights showing up when i played it. But if i recall it was only the Dolby Atmos setting in the onkyo set to 5.1.2 before the Atmos light came up on an Atmos movie.

Even though i don't have the extra speakers yet setup for it, at least the light itself comes on.