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Full Version: Issue with audio
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Hello !

First, sorry for my bad english Sad ...

I have 2 NUC with OpenElec and KODI 16.1 on them.

I have issue with audio with some files. I think KODI don't use "codecs". So, how can i solve this problem please ?

I would point out that i have no problem with these files on my computer.

Thanks in avdance !

Really need more info. What issue? What audio setup? What audio codec? Debug log (wiki) ? Mediainfo output?
(2016-09-10, 01:13)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Really need more info. What issue? What audio setup? What audio codec? Debug log (wiki) ? Mediainfo output?

Hello !

Issue : video but no audio output. On PC, video & audio output work.
Audio setup : nothing special. NUC pluged on TV via HDMI. Work fine with all other files.
Audio codec : I don't take time to look, but they are MKV, same as other files I use.

Where can i have a debug log please ?

I will test file with Mediainfo.
Click this -> debug log (wiki) and follow the instructions to gather the log. Then post it to pastebin or some other paste site and post a link to it in this thread.
I will do this as soon as I have time.

Thank you Smile
Mediainfo return : audio MPEG-3.

I don't understand why these files don't play audio on kodi.

I must take time to gather logs...
Have you checked your audio output configuration within your Linux OS? I had a similar issue with Mint 18 (Cinnamon). Kodi's system settings reported the audio output device was a "Pulseaudio" default device. I closed Kodi and took a look at the audio output settings in the OS itself. It looked like it was set to the HDMI digital audio output but I changed it to an analogue output, saved it and then changed it back to the HDMI digital audio output.

Once I started Kodi again, I checked the audio output device once again and it was seeing the same HDMI digital output as the OS. All was well thereafter. Check that.
Thanks you for your response.

I will check but I haven't the problem with all my media, just some Sad .

(yes, I am not very quick for response but my time is poor for that at the moment Undecided )