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Full Version: Addon artwork request thread or subforum
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Dear all,

As there are a lot of users here with great art/image editing skills and willing to contribute or help I though one improvement that could be made to the forum is the creation of a subforum (similar to addon requests) but dedicated to addon artwork requests. If that is too much, a sticky thread is also an alternative (downside is getting too confused if the ammount of requests gets significative).

With the creation of such subforum or thread we all would get a lot of advantages:
  • Stressing and informing users about the rules for addon artwork for addons to be included in the official repository (sizes, no transparency, etc)
  • Increase the colaboration and interaction between users on the forums
  • Allowing people with no code skills to contribute to kodi addons
  • Helping addon developers with little to none art skills to focus on coding
  • UX advice for scripts
  • and so on...

Of course I could just open a thread but I would be more on the requesting side Big Grin so leave this for the Team members/forum moderators to consider and other members to discuss.

Best Regards
It's there any reason that add-on requests itself couldn't be used for that too?
(2016-09-09, 17:25)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]It's there any reason that add-on requests itself couldn't be used for that too?

Because the ammount of posts requesting artwork will be much smaller than the requests for the creation of addons. Everything would be mixed together and artwork requests would be harder to find by the ones willing to contribute. My opinion though.
Good idea, let me see what I can do. Maybe a sub forum of the metadata and artwork section.

I've seen this work well on other forums.

There are already long threads for music and movie logo requests to move in there too.
Thanks Zag