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Full Version: can't get frontend installed
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I switched from MythTv to Tvheadend last night and I have it all set up with the exception of one unit. All the Pi clients set up easily but the one windows machine I have didn't have TVheadend listed in the PVR client addons. I tried searching and it found it but when I click install nothing happens.

I even tried looking in the addon folder of the others with the plan of just copying the folder over but no go.

I'm confused here.

EDIT: I just reinstalled Kodi and problem fixed. Not sure what happened but everything is fine now.
The client should already be shipped with the Windows version. No need to install it, just configure then enable.
Yeah I know and it was for all my setups but one. I'm sure I messed up something last night. I reinstalled kodi over the existing install and TVheadend was back in the PVR client section so I'm all good now.

Thanks for the quick reply regardless.