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Full Version: No video only audio
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Hi folks,
I was off line for a few months so when I came back online I took Kodi off my system thinking that a new version might have been released however I found that 16.1 is still out so I re-installed Kodi back on my system only now after having done that and trying to watch movies, tv shows on different addons I found that I have no video. I am only able to hear but not see anything. I took Kodi off, re-installed it again but the problem still exist. Can someone please help me figure out what is happening? I have other movies downloaded on my system and I'm able to watch them so I don't think it's my video cardHuh[/size]
What add-ons?
I've tried CloudTv, Phoenix, Youtube, iTBN , CloudMovies and several others.
A little bit of reading: Forum Rules and Banned Add-ons and Repositories

No help from here as long as your Kodi is contaminated with this crap
Can I get a list of the repositories and addorns that are allowed? I see that I will have to do some uninstalling.........
A little common sense is needed, as there is no such allowed list. If an add-on is providing TV shows, channels or movies for free that you would normally need to pay for, or are otherwise "too good to be true" (eg providing films that are still in cinemas) then you can expect it to be using illegal sources and so banned.

That said you can use anything that you want, but we reserve the right not to support piracy and add-ons that use it. In the end is user choice and user responsibility for their actions (hence why we also disallow support for many builds which take that away by pre installing stuff).
Understand....thank you much.