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Full Version: Can I have a 2D & 3D version of the same movie?
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Hi all. I've Googled to my wits end about this and can't seem to find the exact information I am looking for.

I want to be able to have a 3D and 2D version of the same movie (Brave). So far, I've put both versions in the same folder and given the 3D version the correct extensions
Brave (2012).3D-HTAB.mkv
It is half and above and below.
The other file is just regular old Brave (2012).mkv

The issue I'm having is that when browsing through my movies I now have two selections with the same cover art and must go to movie information to find which is which. Is there a way to have these just as one selection and then choose which version I want to watch?

Really starting to lose my mind over this and I'm probably missing something so obvious.

Treat one version as an extra and use the video extras add-on.
This is how i have my 3D Movies setup ...

All 3D Movies are in a separate folder away from my 2D Movies, and using a skin that supports custom Home Menu shortcuts (eg Aeon Nox) create a 3D Movies shortcut to the folder ... but i don't add them to the Media Library, so won't appear with my 2D Movies (which have been added to the Media Library)

Only downside is doing this is ... there will be no "Movie Info" with the 3D movies .. but i can live with that Smile

You might have to re-scrape, but treating the second video as a trailer might work.
Why having 2 versions of a movie anyway, since you can play a 3d movie on 2d mode.
Anyway, you can use video nodes (wiki), but you have to use a skin that supports them.
How come default skins, be it Confluence or Estuary don't?
(2016-09-11, 12:32)host505 Wrote: [ -> ]Why having 2 versions of a movie anyway, since you can play a 3d movie on 2d mode.

because if your 3D Movies are HSBS (Half Side-by-Side) they aren't full 1920x1080p eg. 960x1080 left eye and 960x1080 right eye


So that will get resized (stretched) to 1920 in 2D Mode

Sure .. if your 3D Movies are Full frame packed MVC then 2D Mode will give you the native res 1920x1080, which i agree, no point in having a both 3D & 2D versions

So, it depends on what "type" of 3D Movies you have
Yeah, good point.
And MVC isn't supported on kodi (apart from the rpi port). I'm not sure what the situation is with full sbs/tab.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Smile