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Full Version: Large Photo Folders Crash Kodi 16.1 on Slideshow Exit
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I'm not sure of the exact number of photos (if I had to guess, 1024), but certainly any Photo folder I have that has over 1000 photos crashes Kodi 16.1 Jarvis on my FireTV 4K when I back out/exit out of a Slideshow here every time like clockwork (crashes back to FireTV Main Page). Folders with 880 photos exit fine, for example. Photos with 1082 photos crash Kodi upon exiting the slideshow (I've tried 1200 and 4000 photo folders as well and they crash also). I've tried different protocols (NFS and SMB) and random settings have no effect. These same folders worked fine in 15.2 Isengard here on the same device. I don't know offhand if the problem exists on other devices.
I believe these issues of folders containing a large number of photos should be fixed in Krypton.