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Full Version: OSX: Slow motion with firewall exception
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Hi all,

I'm using the beta 1 of Kodi 17. I encountered a rather weird phenomenon. Since upgrading Kodi, OSX somehow did not recognize Kodi's firewall settings. When starting Kodi, a popup appears asking whether it should allow or deny incoming connections. So far, so not weird. If I ignore this window and start a (HD) video, everything is normal, except this hovering popup. As soon as I manage to click on allow or deny (doesn't matter), the video runs in slow motion.

I thought, maybe this dialog throws Kodi of balance, so I fixed the firewall settings. Now the videos are always in slow motion.

Disabling VTB (or sth. like that) hardware acceleration in Kodi's video settings solves the problem. My problem is: I don't understand the problem. What has the firewall to do with video playback?


System: MacMini, 2009, latest OSX
Kodi: fresh install, no additional addons
Video library: on a network share
Probably related to http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=281517

It was not the firewall but the firewall's popup that kept Kodi from using hardware acceleration.
(2016-09-11, 13:05)baum777 Wrote: [ -> ]My problem is: I don't understand the problem.

That's also our problem. Do you run latest nightly?
(2016-09-13, 20:01)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]Do you run latest nightly?

No, I'm running the "Beta 1". (Git:20160821-81d5d26)

I tested "kodi-20160909-138de50-master-x86_64" as well but with similar results.