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Full Version: How to install Kodi on Samsung Smart Hub Tizen operating system?
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I have a Samsung Smart Hub (Tizen) OS. How can I install Kodi on my TV? Would it work through Amazon Fire box?
Really? Okay...

Developer Rick Astley was working on it.
(2016-09-12, 04:00)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]Really? Okay...

Developer Rick Astley was working on it.

And his work was really good last time I check...

The kodi.tv website lists the OSes that Kodi runs on (see "Downloads".

Is Tizen there?
Hi I am having the same problem, tried downloading onto USB before realising Samsung has Tizen OS not Android.

I can mirror from laptop wirelessly and also connect via HDMI. I have read this link which sounds promising http://kodifiretvstick.com/install-kodi-...smart-tvs/

Can anyone confirm that if I buy an Amazon Firestick I will be able to access Kodi directly on newest version of Samsung Smart TV?

Just use your laptop (via HDMI) if you don't want to spend any money.

You are getting confused, anything that Kodi can be installed on can be plugged into any tv that has HDMI.
Thanks Helta, I just want to be able to control Kodi using remote for TV instead of controlling through laptop everytime I want watch something but if this is the only way to do it so be it! Thanks again.
Well you could get a Flirc, or buy hardware that has built in CEC so that you can use your tv's remote to control Kodi.