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Full Version: Live Sport Streaming Issues
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i am running Krypton on an Amazon Fire Stick and none of my live sports add-ons function. When I initiate a link, the loading graphic begins then disappears, leaving me with the menu of links, indicating a failure to load. After attempting multiple links, an alert would pop up reminding me to check the log for more information. I attempted to deconstruct the log, however, I do not understand most of the jargon. When I lived in my old town, everything was fine. I doubt there is a correlation between location and function but there may be a correlation between time and function. I've had my Kodi device for almost a year now. Is it time for an upgrade? Or will wiping it clean and reinstalling Kodi remedy the problem? Any thoughts on how to get my Kodi working again for live sport streams? All comments and criticisms are welcome.

No debug log (wiki) , no issue
Don't want to jump the gun here, but I doubt it that Live Sport streaming is legal as regards to addons that are being supported here. So before posting a debug log as Gracus is saying, make sure that you removed any cr*p like these addons
How are you getting your media? Bearing in mind our forum rules (wiki) on piracy and banned add-ons (wiki).